Apple Battersea UK offices to open soon

Apple’s Tim Cook recently announced that its Battersea Power Station offices will be opening soon.

Planning of the new UK headquarters began in 2018, with details that say employees will be moving in by 2021. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic there were a number of construction delays, and it was believed that Apple was looking for an alternative. Those rumors were dispelled when Cook tweeted that the company will be moving in by 2023.

Apple Battersea UK Offices

The Apple Battersea Power Station will consolidate all eight London offices into a cohesive structure, which can hold 1,400 employees. It was a South Bank landmark and was featured in ‘Doctor Who’, but went offline and had been non-functional in the 80s onwards.

Now, the structure has been repurposed as a business, leisure and retail location, with more than a hundred offices, restaurants, bars and shops. A Northern Line tube station will service the area and provide a 15-minute ride from London.