Apple in legal battle with former A-series chips architect


Apple’s A-series chips used in iPhones and iPads are very powerful and efficient compared to any other chip on the market. The company even went onto say that its 2018 iPad Pro was faster than 95 percent of the PCs out in the world. 

Apple in legal battle with former A-series chips architect

The chief architect of Apple’s A-series chips Gerard Williams II who worked at Apple for nine years, left the company last year to start his own chip making company. As a result, Apple filed a lawsuit against Williams late last year in December.

A-Series: Efficient and secure

Williams left Apple to start a company focused on making efficient and secure chips for data centers. The company plans to build chips that are more efficient and secure compared to the chips created by the current leaders Intel and AMD. It makes sense as when Williams was at Apple, the A-series released over the years were applauded for their efficiency.

Here is an excerpt from a report by Bloomberg-

Gerard Williams III, who co-founded Nuvia Inc. after working as lead chip architect for Apple until February 2019, alleges that Apple’s lawsuit is designed to “suffocate the creation of new technologies and solutions by a new business, and to diminish the freedom of entrepreneurs to seek out more fulfilling work,” according to a court filing.

Apple “aims to improperly deter its employees from making even preliminary and legally protected preparations to form a new business — whether competitive or otherwise,” Williams said in the filing in state court in San Jose, California.


Williams founded Nuvia – the chip making company which Apple says was founded while Williams was still at Apple and also poached some Apple employees. In return, Apple poached employees from Nuvia says Williams. 

Apple has already won two motions in pre-trial hearings whereas Williams has won one motion. The Cupertino company Apple appears to be having the edge (for now at-least).

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