Apple clears bills of its partner stores in India


Apple has reportedly cleared its bills pertaining to the 500 exclusive stores in India. The expenses related to the store are rent/lease and salaries for the store workers. 

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected the majority of the retail sector worldwide. In countries like the United States, Apple continues to sell its products online. However, India has applied very stringent rules related to lockdown i.e shutting online stores and delivery services while leaving room only for essentials.

Most retailers in India are struggling with struggling with low sales or no sales. The manufacturers and retailers of essential products are performing decently. However, electronic manufacturers are facing a total shutdown.

The lockdown is temporary but in the duration of it, employers are burdened with employee wages while there is no revenue. Apple is reportedly looking for ways to sell their products in India as the lockdown norms are to loosen in the future.

Apple has asked its teams in India “explore and improve alternative channels to distribute Apple products, including online.” It’s unclear whether Apple will be working with the Government of India during the lockdown to help the company sell products online. 

It was previously reported that Apple is working on starting its own online store in the first quarter of 2020. However, it was later reported that the company decided to move the launch of its online store to September of 2020 to align with the launch of the next iPhone.

In India, a lot of large and small retailers have asked brands of the products they sell to help them during the lockdown, reports Economic Times. Stores that sell food products are also reportedly facing the brunt of the lockdown as sales continue to remain lackluster.

As the lockdown continues and as the norms relax, it would be interesting if Apple could prepone the launch of its online store in India.

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