Apple adds support for Microsoft Precision Touchpad in Bootcamp

Apple is now adding support for Windows Precision Touchpad drivers in Bootcamp. The company has now pushed a new 6.1.15 version of Bootcamp which includes the touchpad drivers for running Windows through Bootcamp. As a result, Bootcamp users can now enjoy – single tap to click, natural scrolling, bottom right tap for right click, and swipe gestures using three or four fingers.

According to Reddit users who first noticed the new Bootcamp update, the new drivers work better than the third-party applications which have been popular till date, such as Trackpad++ and mac-precision-touchpad. A Reddit user adds that new Bootcamp drivers offer better palm rejection and thumb detection as well.

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Microsoft first introduced Windows Precision Touchpad drivers back in 2013, as a move to fix the trackpad issues on most Windows powered laptops. The company had released the software in partnership with Intel to improve the trackpad experience on devices running Windows 8.1 at the time. However, the drivers continue to be used in the current Windows 10 version as well – renamed as Microsoft Precision Touchpad drivers. 

It took Apple almost eight years to support touchpad drivers for Windows operating systems running on a Mac computer. The company also notes that only select Mac computers will be able to run Microsoft Precision Touchpad drivers. Only the Mac machines that have Apple’s T2 chip will support the use of Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad drivers on Bootcamp running Windows operating system.

While Apple is moving away from Intel, it continues to support its machines powered by Intel and has also promised to do so for five year or so. Last year, the company announced the transition to Apple Silicon for the Mac and as part of that transition, has released a couple of Mac computers with its own silicon. As of now, none of the Apple Silicon based Macs support Windows through Bootcamp.