Apple breaks FaceTime call volume record during the holidays


Tim Cook, Apple CEO has recently announced that the company has established a new FaceTime call record during the holidays.

FaceTime Call

Apple has enjoyed several milestones during Q4 of 2020, some of which involves a higher income from Services and revenue from different products. Now, another notable achievement is added as the Cupertino-based company holds the most number of FaceTime calls made over Christmas.

The term ‘this Christmas’ does not state whether it’s only December 25, the holiday quarter or the surrounding weeks, though the CEO mentioned a specific number for call volume.

Apple making the record is not surprising given how COVID-19 has put everyone indoors. In line with the new record Apple also mentioned how the holidays saw the biggest number of iPhone activations.

Tim Cook thanked Apple Store employees for their hard work as they helped drive all-time revenue record in regards to retail, as well as a strong performance of its online store.

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