Will Apple buy Netflix to improve TV+?

Apple TV+ is the new love interest of the company as it continues to focus on improving its services business. The music arm of the company Apple Music is already a big success with more than 60 million users. However, the approach the company took with the video streaming service is not similar to the one it took with music.

The foundation of Apple Music is essentially Beats’ music streaming service that Apple took over by acquiring the Beats company. It helped Apple fastrack the launch of its music streaming service across the globe as the service is available in more than 100 countries (110 countries to be exact).

Netflix Not Worried Despite Looming Apple TV+ Launch

However, with Apple TV+, the company did not purchase an already built video streaming service but built everything from the ground up. As a result, the catalogue of the service is lacking and there are just a handful of TV shows & movies to watch.

The news or rumours to be precise however suggest that Apple is indeed looking forward to buying a business that is already in the game with a good standing in the industry. The first thought that pops is “Apple buying Netflix” and yes, that is what a lot of analysts expect Apple will do as it struggles to cope without any content on its streaming service.

Apple is a trillion dollar valued company, thanks to its excellent performance in the recent years across all its products from iPhone to Apple Music. The services business makes up for a lot more of the revenue than it did previously, almost equal to the revenue the iPad generates.

On the other hand, Netflix is valued at around $180bn – something which Apple can buy without any major hiccups. It would definitely help Apple improve its business as Netflix is not going to fade away anytime soon due to the competition from Disney or HBO. Netflix is the company that introduced movie & TV streaming to the world.

Well, Apple could buy Netflix. But will it is the big question. What do you think?