Apple buys AI-Generated soundtrack and adaptive Music company


Apple has bought out startup AI Music, a firm whose expertise lies in generating adaptive music and personalized soundtracks using artificial intelligence.


The company recently came up with the ‘Infinite Music Engine’, where audio solutions are offered to creative agencies, fitness professionals, publishers, marketers and others. The technology allows users to generate soundtracks based on interaction, e.g.workout music intensity could change according to the heartbeat. The feature, AI music explains, can help advertisers create a mood that matches user context.

The main website of AI Music is already offline after the acquisition was completed the past week or so. Bloomberg says that the company had around 24 employees before it was bought out.

Apple’s acquisition of AI Music can lead to several features, such as songs that change for its Apple Fitness+ service, or royalty free music that can be used within the Photos app. The amount for the company’s purchase is undisclosed.

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