Apple’s upcoming smart electric vehicle project has suffered another setback with a notable figure leaving for a rival company.

Apple Car

Joe Bass, head software engineer at Apple Car has recently updated his LinkedIn profile to show he’s now working for Meta and assigned to a new position. Bass has been working since 2015 at Apple’s Autonomous Systems as lead engineering program manager.

Now, Bass is the mixed reality technology technical program management director at Meta. He’s the latest Apple employee who’s departed and followed others who went to different companies- one to Joby Aviation and the other for Archer Aviation.

It’s rumored that the launch of the Apple Car for consumers is nearing; however, it seems that Apple is having trouble maintaining key figures to keep the project going to its expected timeline. It’s still possible for the Apple Car to be revealed as intended- the company is expected to announce a partnership with this year, and shipment of the electric vehicle is set for the year 2025.


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