Apple Car could be manufactured by Foxconn or Magna

Apple plans to build a self driving car in the near future, as suggested by various reports from notable analysts and leaksters. It was previously rumoured that the company was working with other car makers like Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia Motors for the actual manufacturing process of the car. However, the conversations have reportedly gone nowhere and the company is planning to work with contact manufacturers.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is once again looking towards Foxconn and even considering Magna manufacturing company. The iPhone maker already works with Foxconn for the production of various iPhone models. It would be much easier for the company to push the relationship further by expanding to car production in the future.

Apple Car

Apple designs most of its products at its headquarters in California. However, the actual manufacturing is done at contract manufacturers plants in China, India, and other countries. The company does manufacture its “pro” grade Mac Pro in the United States, at its manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas.

The rumours of Apple Car have been around since 2013. However, nothing has actually come out of the rumours since then. The company had reportedly shut down the secret car project titled ‘Project Titan’ which was being spearheaded by Apple hardware engineering chief Bob Mansfield. Since then, Mansfield had been bumped to SVP of Hardware Technologies and after that he left the post to focus on unnamed future products.

The only major player in the field of electric self driving cars is Tesla. It is the company that started the whole revolution at scale. Apple could offer good competition to the US carmaker Tesla with its offering in the future. Latest estimates from noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities suggests that the Apple Car will be released in 2025.

Tesla manufacturers its own cars, it has invested billions in setting up huge manufacturing plants. However, according to Bloomberg, Apple will take the different route and depend on contact manufacturers.