Apple Card Expected To Launch In August

The US launch of the much-awaited Apple Card may start as early as mid-August, according to Bloomberg.

iPhone users should be able to access their Wallet app and sign up for Apple Card when it goes live and when they update to iOS 12.4. Apple is partnering up with Goldman Sachs for the credit service that works within the Apple Pay platform, plus a physical, all-titanium card for other transactions.

In the report, Apple asked to change the underlying technology Goldman Sachs had made for the Apple Card in May, which indicated a delay in the launch. But it seems that the financial institution was able to provide a solution. The bank will be responsible for transaction data, payment disputes, collating monthly statements and underlying structure.

Apple says that signing up for the card is easy- all you need to do is open the Wallet app, head to Apple Card and following the steps to activate your card.

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