Apple Card Family detailed in new support page


At the ‘Spring Loaded’ event, Apple unveiled the new family sharing feature for its credit card. The new Apple Card Family feature helps two people share their card while building their credit score together. It is basically aimed at someone who will be able to share their Apple Card with their other half.

Apple Card Family detailed in new support page

Of course, to be co-owners of the Apple Card, both the participants must be 18 years or older. According to MacRumours, the credit report will be done equally in their “own” names. Both the participants share the responsibility of make payments on a timely period. 

-They can immediately use their shared ‌Apple Card‌ to receive unlimited Daily Cash back on their transactions

-They can add or remove participants and order a titanium ‌Apple Card‌ for participants who are 18 years or older

-They can view participant activity and account co-owner activity

-They can set transaction limits for participants, lock a participant’s ability to spend, and receive notifications on participants spending

-They can request a credit limit increase

-They can close the shared ‌Apple Card‌ account at any time, but are still responsible for paying any remaining balance

Apple Card

It’s important for everyone on ‌Apple Card‌ Family to understand how credit reporting can impact their credit file. Information about the ‌Apple Card‌ Family account, such as payment history and credit utilization, are reported to credit bureaus and shown in credit bureau reports for account owners and co-owners. This information may also be shown in credit bureau reports for a participant if they’re being reported on the ‌Apple Card‌ Family account as an authorized user. Being credit reported can assist with building credit history for account co-owners and participants. Generally, accounts that have been established for a while, show consistent on-time payments, and have low balances (e.g. below 30% of the total credit limit), may result in a more positive credit impact.


Access the full support document from Apple here.


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