Apple Card Getting Rave Reviews From Beta Testers

The Apple Card is still months ahead from being made available to the public, but beta testers are already expressing positive things about the digital payment platform.

David Solomon, Goldman CEO, and beta tester have mentioned that he liked how simple it was to pay bills. Furthermore, Solomon states that other Goldman and Apple employees are currently testing the card and find themselves on the same page as the CEO.

Early feedback shows that a lot of people will be interested in Apple Card the moment it officially launches. Despite concerns about the payment system’s profitability, Goldman Sachs will be on board when it launches in the summer.

Highlights of Apple Card include a card made of titanium metal without numbers, cashback rewards, no hidden fees, late fees, interest fees, annual or over-the-limit fees and advanced security technologies, e.g., unique transaction codes, Touch ID and Face ID.

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