Apple Card may launch by 2020 in Canada

Apple Card

Anticipation is slowly building up for the launch of Apple Card in the US. In the meantime, Apple has filed for trademarks for its financial product in Hong Kong, Europe, and Canada as well.

The Star has mentioned that trademarks usually last for about 10 months, which means that the earliest launch in Canada may be in summer or spring of 2020. The CIPO or Canadian Intellectual Property Office has received documents pertaining to the trademark this week.

Apple Card has been getting a steady stream of interest ever since it was announced in March. It’s the first credit card that isn’t managed by a financial institution, and it doesn’t require a physical credit card. Users can pay for goods or services using their Apple Wallet and get in-app support and other features as well.

Apple has revealed pertinent details regarding their Apple Card, including interest rates, approval odds, rewards, and others in their official website.

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  1. I’m not sure how successful it’ll be to begin with, as a ridiculous number of stores I go to either don’t support/permit tap, or limit tap to only debit cards, even if they permit payment with the card. You need to use the physical card, either by swiping it or inserting it and entering a pin (preferred).

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