Apple Cash and Apple Card may arrive in Canada soon


Trademark filings for Apple’s payment products, Apple Card and Apple Cash have been approved by regional authorities in Canada, indicating that it will be available to the country soon.

Apple Cash and Apple Card

On January 25, 2021 the Canadian Intellectual Property Office gave Apple Cash and Apple Card the green light after it was initially submitted for approval in July of 2019.

Apple Cash is a p2p digital payment solution which allows users to send money via Siri and Messages as well as transfer balances to a bank account. Apple Card is a credit card offered by Apple in partnership with Goldman Sachs. The card solution offers Wallet and Apple Pay integration, rewards via cashback and spend tracking tools. Users can get Apple products on installments without having to pay interest when they use it.

Apple Card is expected to gain ground outside the US, but it has yet to be launched internationally. It was rumored that Apple has been in talks with Australian banks regarding bringing the payment products in the country.

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