Apple has recently made the shift to Visa for its Apple Cash cards.

Apple Cash

Alongside new protective measures for Apple Pay processes, Apple will be migrating to the Visa network as shown in support documents and changes made to the official Apple Cash page. Some images now reflect Visa debit cards and have been spotted online. It’s believed that the changes took place April 19.

In the Wallet app the Visa logo hasn’t been updated yet, which means the feature might not be available to all Apple Cash accounts. There’s no timeframe on when the migration will be complete, but current transactions are now showing up as made on the Visa network.

Users can try to force the change by deactivating and reactivating their Apple Cash accounts in Settings. Before the switch Apple Cash was based on the Discover network through a Green Dot Bank partnership.

Apple also notified users of new fraud protection measures they get with Visa cards.


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