Apple has cast Vera Farmiga to play the lead role in the upcoming limited series ‘Five Days at Memorial’ on Apple TV.


‘Five Days at Memorial’ is a limited series that’s based on a book by Sheri Fink. Deadline has mentioned that Vera Farmiga will be playing as Doctor Anna Pou, who was the doctor stationed at the Memorial hospital when Hurricane Katrina landed. The book explores the story of how the Medical staff was stranded at the hospital without power and seeks the possibility of the hospital’s critically-ill patients euthanization.

Vera Farmiga is known for her role in ‘Return to Paradise’, ‘Roar’ and ‘Down to the Bone’.

‘Five Days at Memorial’ will have Carlton Cuse and John Ridley as the showrunners, executive producers and writers. Sheri Fink is set as the producer.

The show joins other book- and novel-based Apple TV originals, including ‘Lisey’s Story’ by Stephen King and ‘Mosquito Coast’.


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