Apple celebrates 40 years in Singapore

Apple is celebrating 4 decades of being in Singapore since its first official presence there in 1981.

The Cupertino-based company said in a press release how the operation in the region is recognized as ‘the center of innovation and expertise’, and how Apple is proud to be part of the country’s ‘high tech vision for the future’.

Apple Celebrates

Singapore has more than 3,500 team members that represent 50-plus nationalities, and 55,000 jobs including app developers. The country also has 5 Apple Distinguished Schools and Apple-certified teachers who are trained in Mac and iPad foundational skills. Students learn Swift coding within their core curriculum as well.

In 2020 Apple opened its one-of-a-kind Marina Bay Sands Apple Store, which features a dome design and structure that stands on top of water.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was also interviewed as part of the 40-year history, where he recalled his first job was to visit the country for the translucent Mac. Cook also took on Twitter to recognize the staff and the community there.