Apple has commissioned artist Dhruvin S. and highlighted his works of art in accordance with the Hindu festival of Holi.

Shot on iPhone

The latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ segment features eight close-up facial shots, either focusing on a singular feature or an area. The one common theme among them is the Holi powder, a colorful substance that’s put on the face and body as part of the celebration.

The shots are posted on Apple’s Instagram account and part of Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ marketing umbrella. The entirety of the shoot is done using an iPhone. Dhruvin S. mentioned on social media that he never imaged the festival could be displayed in art form, and how it’s like ‘creating a canvas on a face’.

Holi festival, also called ‘festival of colors’ and ‘festival of love’ is celebrated in March 28 and 29. Dye-filled water ballons and colored powders are thrown, and people meet other individuals and make amends.


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