Apple has recently published a highlight article for Juneteenth by telling the story of a chronicler of historical Black figures.

Apple Celebrates Juneteenth

Comic creator and scholar Ajuan Mance has a series titled ‘The Ancestors’ Juneteenth’, which portrays notable Black figures as they were in a modern day setting.

The series starts with a paper drawing before an iPad Pro and the Adobe Scan app turns it into a digital art. From there, Mance uses Adobe Fresco, Procreate and Adobe Photoshop to color the images using an Apple Pencil.

‘The Ancestors’ Juneteenth’ recently featured Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks at the Combahee River banks in line with the series’ vision of putting historical figures in the present day environment ‘to reflect on Black people’s journey from the 19th to the 21st century’. Mance says the goal of The Ancestors’ Juneteenth is to humanize historical figures in different time periods.

Juneteenth is a US federal holiday that commemorates African American people and their emancipation.


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