Apple CEO Tim Cook Delivers Commencement Address in Stanford

Tim Cook delivered a commencement speech in Stanford University today, which touched on privacy, the drive to become a builder and how he learned the difference between readiness and preparation.

Cook acknowledged that while most modern tech inventions come from Silicon Valley, there’s also a lesser one- the belief that credit can be claimed without accepting responsibility. The Apple CEO stressed that we mustn’t give up privacy just so that we can enjoy technological advances because not only our data is at stake, but the freedom we enjoy as humans as well.

The Stanford University commencement address also encouraged people to become “builders”, regardless of occupation or line of work. Tim acknowledged that the late Steve Jobs also delivered a speech to the graduates of Stanford and recalled a time when Steve gave the responsibility to Cook even when he was prepared but not ready. The CEO realized that he had to become the best version of himself and not to let others dictate what he can and can’t do with his life.

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