Apple CEO Tim Cook lauded as ‘Fantastic Manager’ by Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett has recently proclaimed Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO as a ‘fantastic manager’ during the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting.

Warren Buffett

The billionaire answered questions related to Berkshire Hathaway from shareholders on Saturday via stream. One of the questions asked why Apple common stock was sold despite being named the firm’s ‘fourth jewel’. In response, Buffett praised Cook and Apple as a leader and company.

Buffett mentioned how Apple has a fantastic manager, and that Cook was underappreciated. Furthermore, the billionaire pointed out how Apple has a 99% satisfaction rate, an installed user base and products that people love. Buffett also spoke out on some comparisons between Cook and Jobs at one point during the meeting.

Charlie Munger, VP of Berkshire was also present and offered praise to the big tech, but warned against antitrust measures in the Europe and the United States. Although the firm sold Apple shares last year they regained interest due to repurchasing them, with Munger saying it was a ‘misstep’.


Samantha Wiley

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