It was reported that Apple has stopped selling lower-cost iPhones such as the iPhone 6s Plus, the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone SE in India.

iPhone 6s

The Economic Times has mentioned that Apple has shifted from moving volumes of iPhones to increasing its revenue. Apple distributors in India are now offering newer phones, with the iPhone 6s being the entry-level model.

It was rumored that Apple shifted strategies when the company improved its profit and revenue by 12% last year. Apple ranks 11th in India’s phone sales, while competitors such as Xiaomi were selling 19 million units during 2018’s first half, according to Counterpoint Research. It’s been said that Tim Cook will be lending a hand to refocus their efforts in India and revamp the brand’s presence.

Some of the changes Apple has already made to expand production include better sales and independent retailer relationships, plans to open up retail stores and improved services and apps.


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