Will Apple ditch the iPhone’s charging port?

Wires are fading away. The future is wireless. In 2016, Apple introduced the iPhone 7 which received severe criticism for its lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. However, very soon Android smartphone manufacturers followed and the headphone jack is quickly disappearing from smartphones. 

The next thing to disappear from smartphones is very well going to be the charging port or for those living in their 2000s, the data sync port. Rumours suggest that Apple has already begun experimenting with the idea of making a portless iPhone. The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 were the first iPhones to support wireless charging.

Will Apple ditch the iPhone’s charging port?

While wireless charging is still not as fast as wired charging, it is getting there. We would not be surprised if Apple ditches the lightning (charging) port on the next iPhone in favour of a completely portless iPhone. Having no ports also reduces the risks of thieves breaking into iPhones by connecting cables.

Having no connectors on the iPhone will help Apple pack a larger battery into the iPhone and also use the space for other important future hardware. Less ports means less wiring and less complications inside the phone. The company is already packing wireless charging tech which increases the thickness of the iPhone. 

When you add something, it’s better to remove something else to maintain the equilibrium. That is why the lightning port needs to go. It will be a difficult move but Apple can do it because it has “courage”, as said by Apple’s Senior Vice President (SVP) Phil Schiller.

Going completely wireless means Apple should pack wireless charging pads in the box. Will Apple do that or force its users to buy it separately? It will very likely have to offer in-box wireless charging pads at-least for few years to ease the transition. However, after a few years, it can stop packing wireless chargers in the box and just pack phones in the box.