Apple aims to move away from Intel


It has been long rumoured that Apple is working on bringing its own chips to the Mac. The company has been using Intel chips to power its Mac computer but that could very well change in the next year.

Apple aims to move away from Intel

Bloomberg reports that Apple is planning on releasing its first Mac computer powered by its own ARM based chips as soon as next year. The company has been pushing performance and efficiency boundaries with its A-series chips that power the iPhone and the iPad (and also other products like Apple TV, HomePod, etc.)

Apple is reportedly working mainly on three chips for the Mac. One of those will reportedly be “much faster” than the iPhone and iPad A-series chips. However, the processors for the Mac will be based on the same architecture of the upcoming A14 chips for the iPhone and the iPad.

The iPhone is due for an update this year – an expected release of the flagship iPhone 12 Pro in September/October. Apple will reportedly release at-least one Mac computer next year based on the same architecture of the A14 processor.

However, Apple is reportedly not just planning to show-off mobile device chips performance on desktop platforms but is also working on “multiple chips”. According to Bloomberg, the codename of the project to develop chips for the Mac is Kalamata.

Apple is moving away from Intel as their chips are no longer advancing at the same rate as previously. Also, on the other hand, ARM chips are much more efficient compared to Intel proccessor’s architecture. However, it will take time for Apple to create processors for the Mac Pro which are server class.

By moving to using in-house designed ARM chips, estimates suggest that Apple will be able to save around 60% in expenses. Apple’s partner that manufacturers the chips for the iPad and the iPhone TSMC will also build the Mac chips.

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