Apple has closed its Apple Store in Southlake Texas and will reopen December 13 following a COVID-19 outbreak among employees.

Apple Store in Texas

After a hectic Black Friday event where workers said the store was packed ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with shoppers, four Apple Store employees contracted the virus. The number grew to 22 after a few weeks, which is significant because the store had 151 staff in total.

Employees are expected to return 10 days after being isolated, and 2 days after they do not experience symptoms. Upon arrival they will undergo a rapid antigen test; then a decision to either open the store or to have it remain closed will be made.

Texas is one of the US states to not require a mask, which might be the reason why COVID-19 cases surged after Black Friday.

In 2021, Apple increased Covid-19 testing and encouraged its retail employees to disclose their vaccination status.


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