Apple Community Education program now reaches 600 Communities Worldwide

Apple recently highlighted its CEI, or Community Education Initiative milestone with its expansion to 600 communities around the globe.

The Community Education Initiative was launched in 2019 to teach coding in Tennessee schools. Now, the program will be reaching 600 communities worldwide and has partnered with more than 150 educational organizations to make it happen.

Apple Community Education Program

Apple says that they now have partners in 29 states, as well as 99 regions and countries. All 50 states have already benefited from the program, including the District of Columbia,

Apple VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson mentioned that the company believes in education and its leverage. She said that learners can discover and acquire the tools they need to shape their future and help lift their communities. Jackson further stated that Apple is thrilled to expand the Community Education Initiative so students can have access to world class learning opportunities.