Apple Might Be Featuring a New Release in 2020 – an Upgraded iPhone 8

According to rumors, Apple might be revising it’s iPhone 8 and presenting a 4.7-inch iPhone in March 2020 with enhanced internal technology, but analysts are pointing out that its success might be farfetched.

As we all are well aware of the complete range of Apple’s devices feature faces recognition instead of touch recognition and a cutting edge-to-edge display. The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR make the top of the market, so the new iPhone 8 will land somewhere in the middle as an explicit model.

iPhone 8

According to a report from Taiwan, the upgraded iPhone 8 model might feature an “A13″ processor which will be a leading release in 2019, a storage capacity of 128GB, and a single-lens camera.

But Economic Daily points out that the device is lacking mainstream elements such as Face recognition and the True Depth camera Range. Even though possessing an attractive screen, this might shatter the hopes of iPhone Fanatics all around the world.

Analysts are comparing the transformed iPhone 8 with Samsung and HTC’s strategy of manufacturing high, mid, and low-tier devices. While High-tier devices are revolutionary and much loved, low-tier devices are economically friendly and so dominate the market. Thus mid-tier devices fail to perform, a place where this new device is likely to fall.

No matter how we look at it, an iPhone 8-retread is a let-down in the market and will be detrimental to Apple’s high performance.