Apple counters versus UK competition regulators over ‘Unsubstantiated Allegations’


The UK CMA, or Competition and Markets Authority recently published a report saying how Google and Apple have maintained a ‘vice-like grip’ over the mobile industry. As a response, Apple has submitted a long document over how the regulator’s assessment was based on ‘unsubstantiated allegations and hypothetical concerns’.

Apple Counters Versus UK

Apple said that the interim report had put in the benefits of Apple’s existing ecosystem ‘without reasoned basis, either dismissing them or ignoring them depending on speculation.

The Cupertino-based company also stated that it was raised by rival companies such as Microsoft, Epic Games, Match, Spotify and Facebook.

In the document Apple highlighted its ecosystem benefits, including ease of use, performance and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Apple said it was committed to innovation and privacy.

The CMA’s report offers several suggestions to remedy the situation, such as allowing alternative methods of installing apps, more in-app purchase options and the user’s ability to switch devices without the risk of lost data.

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