Apple releases COVID-19 screening tool

Apple has released a screening tool to help people take the necessary conditions in case of fever. The tool is now available as an app and as a website – the app is only available in the US at the moment, however the website can be used all over the globe to get proper guidance to deal with COVID-19.

The new tool has been created in partnership with FEMA and the White House Coronavirus Task Force to provide a trusted source. The United States has now become the epicenter of COVID-19 with the highest number of cases reported. At such a time, proper tools are required to control the situation and hopefully Apple’s work will help to an extent.

Apple releases COVID-19 screening tool

The screening tool will ask the users a series of questions regarding their recent travels, fever levels if any, and other symptoms to provide a report. On the basis of the input, the tool will suggest a test if required or whether a meeting with a medical provider is required. If no symptoms are found, the tool will still recommend ways to keep yourself safe.

The website which is accessible to every earthling, offers information regarding the coronavirus. A lot of information can be found on the website such as best practices to avoid getting affected by coronavirus such as washing hands, disinfecting surfaces, and how to monitor if any symptoms are found.

Apple is also making Siri more helpful by adding more information about the COVID-19 virus to the digital assistant. Users across the US can ask Siri questions such as “how to know whether I have coronavirus?” and more. Siri will do the needful and redirect users to the required content.

The screening tool by Apple adheres to the company’s policy of protecting user’s privacy. The app and the website – keep users data private and secure.

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