Apple repair facility employees say ‘sweatshop’ like working conditions

Apple’s product repair partner CSAT Solutions which has a facility in Texas is in the news for operating in “sweatshop” like conditions. It does not provide repair service for just Apple but also Dell and Lenovo. Workers at the facility have come out and said that their work place lacks basic sanitary conditions and air conditioning. 

The initial report of the workers conditions at CSAT Solutions was published by Business Insider. The people working at the facility add that on top of not having basic required working conditions, they are paid less than the industry standards.

Apple repair facility employees say 'sweatshop' like working conditions

The people who work on processing repairs for tech giants at the Texas facility of CSAT Solutions, say that they are not provided enough parking spots. The facility reportedly lacks enough space for all the employees to park their vehicles. It has also been said that the facility does not house enough bathrooms to meet the needs of the workforce.

Other complaints include such as not being able to use mobile phones during work hours. A complainant said that because her phone was not with her during the work hours, she had not received information about her son suffering from burns and being rushed to the hospitals on a work day. Employees stress on the point that they need to be allowed to use phones during work hours to be in contact with families if there are any emergency situations.

The pay at CSAT Solutions ranges from $12 to $14 per hour, according to the report published by Business Insider. The employees do not have much hope of receiving any promotions or pay hikes. Other complaints include quotas set by the company which are difficult to meet.

The biggest shocker for the employees at CSAT Solutions was reportedly that they thought working with an Apple partner company would mean a good working environment.