Apple cuts Debit and Credit payment options in India


A ruling made by the Reserve Bank of India has made it such that App Store users can no longer make payments using their credit or debit cards.

Apple Cuts Debit and Credit Payment

In October 2021, a regulatory change was passed and mandated financial institutions, payment solution gateways and banks to get approval before they could complete debit or credit card transactions. Card issuers and banks could then decline transactions that did not meet the requirements.

India Apple users recently found themselves unable to subscribe to Apple Music or Apple TV+, or make a purchase on the App Store and iTunes using their debit or credit card.

An Apple support page states that users in India will need to top up their Apple ID balance to continue with the transaction, which can be done via UPI, Net Banking or App Store codes. The Cupertino-based company also reminded Indian users beforehand to add funds by enticing them with a promotional 20% bonus.

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