Apple Cuts Maximum Trade-In Value for iPhones

The best deals for iPhone trade-ins are now ones that involve making a purchase. Apple has lowered the maximum value for trade-ins without purchases to $349 (from $500) on its Apple Trade-In webpage.

Users can exchange their iPhones for a set value depending on the model and condition and get an Apple gift card as part of the process. The gift card may be used to buy a new device or for digital purchases on iTunes and the App Store.

The trade-in value increases when you opt to get a new iPhone. Instead of $349 max, you get $450 for a new unit. It’s still less $50 than what it was before, but it still beats out the trade-in value if you’re not going to upgrade.

Trade-in prices for other iOS devices have also been cut. For instance, the max value for tablets is now $367; for Apple Watches, it’s $173, and $965 for computers. It’s worthy to note that the values aren’t different for non-iPhone products regardless of whether you’re upgrading or not.

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