Apple cuts Off Fleetsmith enterprise device management service


Fleetsmith, an MDM solution for Apple devices will be discontinued on October 21 this year.


Apple will discontinue new signups for the service effective April 21 and will be pulling the plug on October 21 as announced in a support document. Existing customers will still be able to use the service and its full functionality until that time, but afterwards will no longer be able to log in. Devices will stop receiving configuration profiles as well.

Fleetsmith is a service designed for admins to manage Apple devices. Its nature is such that it allows users to configure devices wireless and securely on any access level. Aside from this Fleetsmith also allows admin to set security preferences, settings, app management and oversee the devices for IT and security purposes.

Apple has published several support documents online to help Fleetsmith users migrate to other MDM solutions. Fleetsmith was bought out by Apple in June last year.

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