Apple to develop new cybersecurity program for supply chain safety

Apple CEO TIm Cook attended a cybersecurity meeting chaired by the US President Joe Biden. Along with Cook, other chief executive officers of big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon also attended the meeting. It is an important discussion in the current world when many cyber attacks are affecting smooth operations of many services worldwide.

All the executives of the tech companies that attended the cybersecurity meeting at the White House, reportedly pledged to help bolster the country’s efforts in making a safe cyberspace. The iPhone maker is set to build a new program to make sure that its technology supply chain is safe, secure, and protected from various cyber threats. Apple will train its personnel to use multi-factor authentication, increase cybersecurity knowledge, and improve incident response work.

The global search giant Google plans to invest a whopping $10 billion over the course of five years to improve cybersecurity. It will also work on training at least 100,000 US citizens with its ‘Career Certificate’ program. On the other hand, the Redmond based Windows OS maker, Microsoft, has pledged to invest more than $20 billion over the next five years. Microsoft will also invest $150 million in government agencies to improve the security of the systems used by them.

Microsoft is investing the highest amount of resources and money into improving cybersecurity in the US. One of the oldest tech players, IBM, is also set to train more than 150,000 people in cybersecurity over the course of three years. IBM has also announced a new data storage technology for storing critical data securely for other companies. The e-commerce giant Amazon plans to give Amazon Web Service (AWS) users multi-factor authentication devices for free of cost.

In the current world scenario, cybersecurity happens to be one of the most important fields.

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