Anticipation and excitement for the upcoming WWDC 2019 is building up as Apple starts decorating the convention with signs, flags, banners and other paraphernalia.

McEnery Convention For WWDC image 6

As of Friday, decorations are already up and running around the McEnery Convention Center. Advertising kiosks, trees and even lamp posts are now sporting posters, flags and banners. The center facade is still a work in progress, but everything is expected to be complete days before the keynote on June 3.

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Photographs by JCROW were uploaded on Instagram showing a large cloth on the convention center’s front facade. Promotional material showed a unicorn animoji, logos, coding characters and the words “Dub Dub” in large letters, paying tribute to WWDC’s informal nickname.

More photos of the convention center show custom neon lights highlighting the banner’s Dub Dub text, emoji and icons.

McEnery will serve as the starting point for many of the event’s attendees. The hall will host the opening keynote as well as guest lectures, educational sessions and special events throughout the duration of the conference.

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