Apple delays iPad Pencil adapter

10th-generation iPad users will need to wait a while to get their Apple Pencil adapter.

Apple’s online store lists the Apple Pencil adapter for 3-4 weeks shipping delay in the US. Since the newest iPad now has USB-C instead of Lightning, an adapter is now needed to charge or pair the Apple Pencil with the tablet.

iPad Pencil Adapter

Those who don’t have the adapter must buy it separately at the Apple Store or online. The upcoming iPad launch is set for October 26, but those who intend to use it with an Apple Pencil must wait nearly a month to be able to do so.

For USB-C, the Apple Pencil must be plugged to the adapter, while the other end is connected to the iPad. It’s worth noting that the 10th-gen iPad does not support the 2nd-gen Apple Pencil. Instead of a magnetic connector, the iPad now houses a landscape camera for FaceTime.