As part of WWDC, Apple hosted its annual Apple Design Awards to celebrate the work of developers. The company awarded 12 “best-in-class” apps and games. All Apple developers from around the world have a chance of winning an award.

Apple announces winner of 2021 Design Awards for apps and games

According to Apple, the Apple Design Awards are meant to showcase the bold, distinctive, and creative ideas that developers bring to life. It also adds that the brilliance, style, determination, and hard work shown by the developers who win awards, inspire other developers and also the people over at Apple.

  1. Inclusivity category

App – Voice Dream Reader by Voice Dream LLC

A text-to-speech conversion app that can be used for PDFs, webpages, or ebooks. It reads aloud all the contents of a document.

Game – HoloVista by Aconite

It supports various accessibility features such as motion control, sound and visual intensity, and more.

  1. Delight and Fun category  

Game – Pok Pok Playroom by Pok Pok

It is an animated app that provides a playful user experience that captivates users.

Game – Little Orpheus by The Chinese Room

It brings console-level gaming experience to the iPad and the iPhone with an excellent storyline.

  1. Interaction

App – CARROT Weather by Brian Mueller, Grailr LLC

It is known for offering humorous weather forecasts with visuals that are a delight to the eye.

Game – Bird Alone by George Batchelor

It brings richness to the game world by haptics, parallax, dynamic sound, and gestures.

Others include-

  1. Social Impact 

App – Be My Eyes by S/I Be My Eyes

Game – Alba by ustwo games

  1. Visuals and Graphics

App – Loóna by Looóna Inc

Game – Genshin Impact by miHoYo Limited

  1. Innovation

App – NaadSadhana by Sandeep Ranade

Game – League of Legends: Wild Rift by Riot Games

“This year’s Apple Design Award winners have redefined what we’ve come to expect from a great app experience, and we congratulate them on a well-deserved win,” said Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations Susan Prescott. “The work of these developers embodies the essential role apps and games play in our everyday lives, and serve as perfect examples of our six new award categories.”


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