Apple’s Developer Academy in Detroit starts accepting applications

Michigan State University is partnering with Apple to offer code education programs. Both have developed the Apple Developer Academy which will offer training to aspiring developers planning to enter the field of app development. The university has now started accepting applications for the program which is to be held in Detroit.

The process for applying for the code learning program by the Detroit Apple Developer Academy began on Tuesday. The program was first announced in January when Apple announced that it would increase its racial equity and justice initiative efforts. The company had said that the aim with the Apple Developer Academy in Detroit was to “provide training in app development for all learners in Detroit.”

Open to everyone above the age of 18 years

The website for the academy hosted by Michigan State University states that anyone above the age of 18 years can apply for the program. It also states that by enrolling in this program, students will get to work on “real-world challenges and connect with community and industry partners.”

Apple's Developer Academy in Detroit starts accepting applications
Apple’s Developer Academy in Detroit starts accepting applications

The Detroit Apple Developer Academy is basically open for everyone above the age of 18 years. The program does not even require any preparation beforehand. The process of applying is pretty straightforward as well – you have to fill a form that will take a maximum time of 30 minutes (of course it differs from user to user). However, the application also requires applicants to upload a video of themselves explaining something they are ‘really’ good at which they can also teach others in the academy.

The academy offers foundation programs which are for a month long period. The foundation programs reportedly help in learning about the ‘app economy’ and also helps provide an understanding about code & design in apps.

The website states that the applicants will receive an email – stating the next steps – from [email protected] by July 2021.

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