Apple Developer Account Page interface gets an overhaul

Apple today has given its Developer Account Page a design makeover, including a cleaner screen and more streamlined elements for better viewing.

Previous versions had the navigation bar on the side, while the new update relocates it to the top. Important links, such as agreements, events, code-level support, membership details, email preferences and program resources can be found there. A click into the program resources section leads to the App Store Connect, where users can log in and access their apps and analytics, as well as distribution tools, testing profiles, identifiers and software certificates and downloads.

Apple Developer Account

Quick access tools are also available for developers, as well the ability to report Technical Support Incidents for Apple APIs and frameworks. Notifications, email and management apps are also visible on the quick access section.

The Developer Account Page is only accessible to those with an Apple Developer account and limited to app developers on the App Store.