Apple Devices Can Be Tracked Using A Bluetooth Vulnerability

A recent flaw in Bluetooth technology allows individuals to track Apple Watches, Macs, iPads and iPhones. Tablets and laptops running Windows 10 and Fitbit wearables are also vulnerable, but for some reason Android devices are unaffected.

Boston University researchers found a flaw in the Bluetooth protocol that may expose devices to leak-identifiable data and 3rd party tracking. Attackers could track the device passively by exploiting the secondary MAC address. Identifying tokens can remain static and used as added identifiers aside from the MAC address.

Bluetooth on iOS

The researchers do have a proposed solution, which is implementing with payload changes via MAC address randomizations. In simpler terms, all you have to do is to shut off your Bluetooth off and back on if you’re worried about being tracked. This can be done via System Settings on the macOS’ menu bar or in the Settings of your iPhone.

The vulnerability was discovered after the issue with Mac webcams being remotely activated in a few video conferencing apps.