Will Apple buy Disney? The return of Pixar

Apple TV Plus original “The Morning Show” ended with positive reviews from critics as well as the streamers. However, the streaming service has no other movie or TV show apart from The Morning Show which has received positive reviews. Apple TV+ has only a handful of shows and movies to serve its customer and it really needs to up its game to compete with the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus

Some tech and media industry analysts predict that in 2020 Apple will buy a media company with a streaming service that is already popular with users. One of the rumour is that Apple will buy the father of movie & TV show streaming services Netflix (a story that we have discussed previously) or Apple could buy Disney for its huge catalogue and of course for its new & shiny streaming service Disney Plus.

disney plus

Apple TV Plus costs just $4.99 compared to Disney Plus’ $6.99 and Netflix costs $8.99. The low price of Apple’s streaming service is due to its very limited catalogue of content that users can stream. Also, the company is giving away one year free subscription to Apple TV+ to all the people who buy an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, or an iPod.

Apple is pumping in a lot of cash to improve its standing in the media or the streaming business but building everything from the ground up is not an easy task. The strategy of Netflix is to create some in-house content but also take content from other media houses by paying the necessary fee but Apple is not doing the same and is stuck.

The best option for Apple to succeed at this game would be to buy a video streaming giant. Well, it makes sense only if the company is serious about TV streaming as the game is very different compared to music streaming which Apple has already won (sort of).

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs owned Pixar, the animation studio which he sold to Disney in 2006. If Apple does end up buying Disney, for Pixar it would be like going through a cycle.