Apple should ditch the TouchBar on MacBook Pro


Apple first released the TouchBar on the MacBook Pros released in 2016. Since then, majority of the users have complained about it not working on many occasions and also many find it to be an unnecessary expensive addition.

Apple should ditch the TouchBar on MacBook Pro

We think that the TouchBar increases the price of the laptop by around $300 (USD) which is a little too much for a mostly useless and expensive to repair technology. Last year, Apple finally ditched the butterfly keyboard after the company came under fire for selling laptops with keyboards that would stop working when a small amount of dust makes its way under the keyboard.

However, Apple did not ditch the TouchBar on the new 16” MacBook Pro which was released in November of last year. It’s unclear as to whether the company will actually consider moving away from this piece of touch bar. In an interview with the YouTuber Jonathan Morrison, Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said that, the company thinks that the TouchBar is a useful tool.

The price of the MacBook Pro starts at $1,299 for the 128GB model which is a ridiculous price to ask. If Apple could get rid of the TouchBar, we think the price of the base model of the laptop could come down to as low as $999 or lower.

It’s high time that Apple understands that the TouchBar is nothing but an extravagant addition to the laptop and its price does not justify the use of the tool. The company could offer the TouchBar as an optional addition in its customizations or it could be offered on the most expensive models for people who actually would not have problem shelling out extra cash.

The Mac sales have fallen in the last few quarters and its ofcourse due to Apple’s lack of clear upgrades.

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