Apple emails WWDC developers to ‘Code New Worlds’

Apple hints at its MR headset via an email to developers participating in the WWDC 2023 event.

The email, titled, ‘One week until WWDC23’ reminds developers that a major event will be ‘happening soon’. Alongside details such as the dates, the keynote, and others, there’s a link to add the date to their calendar. Especially noteworthy is the chosen logo, which is a bubble-like Apple logo in iridescent colors.


The tagline for the email read ‘code new worlds’, which could be taken into context with the rumors that Apple is launching its MR headset. As Apple often sends SDKs to help developers produce apps, this could be the Cupertino-based company’s way of telling them to create new virtual worlds.

Apple’s rumored VR headset is believed to have a chip similar to the M1 and offer high-resolution 8K images. At launch, the price of getting one could reach up to $3,000.