Apple employee and TikTok personality releases another video

Controversial TikToker Paris Campbell has uploaded a new video to reveal the reason for her termination at Apple.

Campbell rose to fame when she released a video showing why Activation Lock shouldn’t be removed on a stolen iPhone. A few weeks after the initial video, the Apple hardware engineer took to TikTok again and said that she was contacted by Apple to delete the video. Campbell claimed that if she didn’t comply, she will face ‘disciplinary action up to and including termination’.


A third video recently surfaced, with Campbell saying that she was fired in mid-December not for her first video, but for another reason. She was on medical leave due to COVID, and at one point Apple sent letters to her former address asking for medical documentation for the extended absence.

The TikToker says that she was emailed the termination letter and was thinking of taking legal action due to the circumstances.