Apple continues to grow in the enterprise sector, as it has made some good reliable computers in the past 15 years. Mac computers continue to be easy to use and require less maintenance from the IT department. Also, using iPhones for work related purposes is mostly preferred by most companies for keeping their data safe and secure.

Apple continues to grow in the enterprise sector

According to Bradley Chamber of ‘Apple @ Work’, the use of Apple devices in the enterprise is set to further increase in the next 15 years. It is a known fact that implementing Windows based machines is cheaper initially but if long-term is considered, Apple’s offerings could turn out to be cheaper. Also, the trend of just buying devices rather than building from scratch continues to be the preferred choice.

Ecosystems are important for ease of use

The other advantage of Apple devices is that they work in a seamless ecosystem. The Apple ecosystem makes a lot of processes simple, such as being able to transfer files from phone to laptop, picking calls from the laptop, and many more. Many companies are starting to see the advantages of investing in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple's supply chain to be affected by chip shortage

Microsoft offers Windows for traditional PCs and two-in-one devices but the equivalent of it is not present on the smartphone or the tablet. As a result, the shine of ‘Windows’ is fading but it is by no means turning unpopular, the market share of Windows operating systems continues to increase. However, given the current generation where devices need to work together, Apple continues to grow in terms of people with a slew of devices in its ecosystem.

Having all Apple devices with a single Apple ID is much easier than having a Microsoft ID for a Windows desktop or laptop and then a Google ID for an Android phone. The M1 Macs have especially spurred greater interest in Apple devices as they are based on ARM architecture which is the same as the iPhones and the iPads.


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