Apple Entrepreneur Camp program goes live

Apple’s annual Entrepreneur Camp has opened for those interested.

The entrepreneur program is open to indigenous developers, with Apple hosting a tech lab for underrepresented developers and founders with a mobile app as part of their operation. Entrepreneur Camp promotes innovative ideas, as well as inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp Program

On the main page, Apple says that underrepresented communities ‘face unique challenges’ in the tech company sector. The program aims to empower them by providing one-to-one code-level guidance from Apple engineers and experts to improve their apps. Furthermore, developers and entrepreneurs can get invaluable insights and guidance from top Apple leaders.

The Entrepreneur Camp offers ongoing support, the presence of a community, and a 1-year free membership in the Apple Developer Program. Those interested can sign up on the official Entrepreneurship Camp webpage. The Apple program starts November 13 for female founders and October 30 for underrepresented founders.