As more and more apps are being introduced into the App Store, the firm looks to expand their review team, led by Phil Schiller.

Apple runs the App Store

The ERB, or Executive Review Board has the final say when it comes to whether or not an app is allowed to be in the App Store. The app review team looks over all app submissions one by one. These teams can be found all over the globe, with one in Shanghai and the other in Cork, Ireland.

CNBC states that individuals on the review team have the same benefits as regular Apple employees. They’re paid by the hour and have badges and healthcare as well.

Employees go through anywhere between 50 to a hundred apps and evaluate them before passing, rejecting or putting them on hold. Developers who’ve had their app rejected may submit an appeal to the App Review Board. For the more sensitive apps, Phil Schiller and staff do a careful evaluation and have the last say.


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