Apple-Ericsson cellular patents legal battle resolved

The longstanding legal dispute between Apple and Ericsson over cellular technology patents have finally reached a conclusion.

The legal battle began in 2015 with both companies suing each other for patents that were used for the iPad and iPhone. In the same year, it was thought that the dispute ended with a licensing agreement. However, as the agreement neared the end, both companies could not agree on suitable terms for newer 5G technology. The litigations dragged on starting late 2021 until early 2022.


Ericsson today announced that a new multi-year agreement has been inked in regard to cross-licensing cellular patents and other rights. Chief Intellectual Property Officer Christina Petersson said that both Apple and Ericsson have settled litigations, which allows them to ‘focus on bringing the best technology to the global market’

In addition, the two agreed to strengthen their collaborations in aspects such as standards development, interoperability, and technology.