Apple announces ‘California streaming’ event


Apple is holding an event on September 14 titled ‘California streaming’ – its first event after wrapping up the company’s annual developers conference WWDC in June. New iPhones are expected at the upcoming event, alongside a rumoured new budget iPad which will replace the ageing design of the current $329 iPad. Apple could also release other new products such as an updated Apple Watch and AirPods but that’s unclear; a new flagship iPhone series is definitely set to release.

Apple to unveil iPhone 13 on September 14

The new iPhone series will consist of the standard 6.1” iPhone 13, the 6.1” iPhone 13 Pro, the 5.4” iPhone 13, and the 6.7” iPhone 13 Pro Max. It has been reported by several notable Apple analysts and leaksters that the iPhone 13 series will have 120Hz high-refresh rate displays but it’s unclear whether it will apply to all the models or only the ‘Pro’ versions.

iPhone 13 series and a new redesigned budget iPad

Another interesting aspect of the iPhone 13 series will reportedly be the smaller notch size. Since 2017, Apple has released its flagship iPhone series with the same notch size at the top of the phone which many people do not mind but it is definitely obtrusive. As a result, the smaller notch will be a welcome move which will allow more content to be visible on the screen. This move paves the way for the future iPhone series which are expected to be completely bezel less and have all-screen on the front. 

On the iPad side, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman tweeted that the standard $329 iPad is now out of stock on Apple’s website. He also added that new iPads are on the way which could only suggest that the devices will release alongside the iPhone 13 series on September 14. 

The ‘California streaming’ event is set to stream at 1PM ET on September 14. At the moment, Twitteratis are curiously trying to decipher the meaning behind the event poster which has a glowing Apple logo. 


Abhay Ram

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