Apple exec calls for climate change protection of ‘Most Vulnerable Communities’

Lisa Jackson, Apple VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives recently went on an interview to talk about vulnerable communities and how they should be a part of environmental protection efforts.

Lisa Jackson mentioned in a MarketWatch interview that all tech companies should have a responsibility and work towards preventing climate change. When these companies ignore certain communities because they don’t have political power or are poor, they’re not thinking about how everything is interconnected.

Jackson said that Apple realized that they should start contributing in terms of drawing clean energy. She stated that the 10-year goal of ‘carbon neutrality’ is big for the company’s customers and suppliers.

Lisa Jackson’s prior work was being an EPA Administrator during Obama’s presidency. She was hired by Apple in 2013, and was recently named by Fortune as one of the 50 most powerful women in 2021. The Cupertino-based company also recently joined the First Movers Coalition to make the environment better.

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